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After having different coaches over the years I found Alex to have a different style of teaching – a very modern approach often relating to top professional golfers of today.  I have been hitting the golf ball better than I ever did in 15 years, all down to Alex. I feel that my handicap will come down as I continue with him. Finally, nothing is ever too much trouble, when your time is up he may for example: look at your putting in his own time. Overall, a very good modern coach.

VP - Deutsche Bank

We had one of our returning hotel guests remarked they had a free afternoon and would like to play The Grove Golf Club. Alex made all the arrangements and escorted our guest for 18 holes, coaching, even dining with the guest, as they mentioned to Alex he was on his own in London. Alex is fantastic, social-able and knowledgeable about his profession. We continue to use Alex, the feedback from our guests is always first class. 

A Leading Hotel of the World

My first lesson with Alex was tough to take as I knew deep down my golf swing wasn't great. But we spoke about how much time I would have to practice, and how I could make simple changes to my swing, which would improve me straight away. First was a simple grip change, and a change to my take away. I am now finding fairways again, and happy I kept playing golf. Alex knew how to communicate the changes, and we are now in our second Year of working together, and I am back in love with golf again.

Paul Reyonds

I was a total beginner before my first lesson which was very relaxed and light hearted. Alex has a relaxed  demeanour which I found helped me learn quicker. I think he sensed I was nervous and needed the lesson to feel that way. During the past 4 months, my golf has come on a long way, and I am out on the course now and enjoying my journey with Alex. 

I first met Alex 3 months ago when my son started having a Saturday morning lesson. Within the first two weeks my son took to Alex and golf.  He is now a very competent golf player and is in love with the sport.  This is all down to Alex and the way he coaches – he makes you believe in what you are doing and breaks down the golf swing to make you understand each section. Another big factor also is the rapport we both have with him

Zoe Palmer

Lorenzo Molinari

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