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Coaching With Alex 


Every player I work with has different needs, improvement rates and goals. As a result, everyone is treated as an individual, coached differently to one another and given their own purpose built golf improvement programme & drills. 

Levels Of Coaching

To get to know my new clients I like to invite them to a 9 hole assessment lesson. Why 9 holes? Well, over 9 holes I can really see where each player needs help, focusing in on the problems quickly. I will identify issues the player may not recognise or realise are causing scoring and swing issues. This also allows me to start improvements straight away whilst out on the course. 



Assessment lessons are followed up with full coaching.

Once we know what the goal is and how long we have to reach it, we will work to implement changes in a way which will allow you to still play golf and enjoy it. 
Improvements to your game will be made, even the smallest change will have a positive effect on your golf. 
Minimal change for maximum effect.... less is often more.    


How does a lesson work?

At the start of the lesson I will observe how you swing the club and how your body moves throughout the swing.  During this part of the lesson I will record your swing from a few angles for video analysis. 

We will then discuss your swing from the video, what you do well and what we need to correct. At this point we will plan our attack on your improvements.

The three phases of swing improvement:
     1. record swing
     2. analyse swing to determine faults
     3. correct faults. 

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